Vivid Entertainment Celebrates Ten Years of Its Most Popular Film

Vivid Entertainment pic
Vivid Entertainment pic
Vivid Entertainment

Entrepreneur Bill Asher has successfully launched more than two dozen businesses throughout his varied career. As the Co-chairman and Co-owner of Vivid Entertainment, Bill Asher oversees all corporate aspects of the leading adult entertainment company. Vivid owns and distributes many of the most popular adult films of all time, including the viral sensation featuring Kim Kardashian.

Leading websites recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary of one of the most-watched adult films of all time. Titled “Kim Kardashian, Superstar,” this 41-minute homemade film launched Kim Kardashian into stardom and paved the way for her family to become the pop culture icons they are today.

Prior to the leaking and subsequent distribution of the adult film, Kim Kardashian was known only as the daughter of O.J. Simpson attorney Robert Kardashian and friend of socialite Paris Hilton. Miss Hilton is also the star of a film now owned by Vivid Entertainment.

Kim Kardashian, Superstar depicts Kardashian sharing intimate moments with Ray J, brother of singer Brandy and a rap star in his own right. It was leaked in 2007 and has been viewed upwards of 93 million times. Vivid leadership reports that it is their top-grossing film of all time, and many leading adult-entertainment websites say that the video is the most popular among their users.

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