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Vanessa TV

As Co-Chairman and Co-Owner of Vivid Entertainment for more than 15 years, Bill Asher has been responsible for many of the company’s operations, including new business development. To promote expansion of the company, Bill Asher has taken it into areas that were previously unknown by adult entertainment venues. His efforts have included the rebranding of Vanessa TV, a Canadian Class B subscription adult entertainment television channel, as VividTV.

Vivid Entertainment partnered with the well-known Canadian channel and rebranded it in 2014. VividTV offers both an on-demand service as well as an adult-themed channel that includes sex tape movies along with hard core features. VividTV has incorporated Vivd’s award-winning content along with the Vanessa TV library to expand its offerings to both English- and French-speaking consumers. The TV channel provides programs from well-known adult film stars from the United States, while also including local adult stars from Canada in its programming. In North America, VividTV boasts close to 100 percent distribution to cable and satellite channels.

Early Hot Network Expansion through Broadband

A pioneer in the adult entertainment sphere, Bill Asher guides Vivid Entertainment in Los Angeles as co-chairman and co-owner. In that role, he leads one of the world’s premier adult content companies in continuously seeking expansion strategies. Bill Asher came to Vivid following two years as owner and operator of Califa Entertainment Group, in which capacity he established The Hot Network.

During his time with Califa, Asher was featured in a 2000 New York Times article focused on the adult pay-per-view movie channel’s successful move to an AT&T broadband platform, following the telecom firm’s acquisition of cable company MediaOne.

AT&T’s merger with MediaOne added 5 million cable subscribers and vaulted the firm into status as the largest cable operator nationwide. AT&T was able to leverage its market power in defining a new adult content strategy in ways that many local cable providers had not been able to do.

Hot Network was noteworthy in going beyond soft-core revenue models such as that pursued by the Playboy Channel. One key reason for the move was simple economics, with viewers willing to pay premium fees for hard-core content. As Asher described it, the content his company offered was “more appealing” than competing channels and thus made bottom-line sense.

The Launch of VividTV Europe


VividTV Europe pic
VividTV Europe

Co-chairman and Co-owner of Vivid Entertainment in Los Angeles, California, Bill Asher has been in the entertainment industry for more than 25 years and currently oversees the daily corporate activities of the company. Bill Asher is also personally involved in launching VividTV Europe.

VividTV Europe is a 24/7 adult content channel that is helping to expand the VividTV brand in the European market along with complimenting the company’s existing video on demand service in Europe. VividTV Europe is tailored to European television viewers, combining European values with current Vivid celebrities.

VividTV Europe is partnering with a number of European distributors, including the M7 group, which has launched the service via its satellite feed. The service is also available on European pay TV platforms like Skylink, Austriasat, and CanalDigitaal.