Commercial Real Estate Investment Benefits

white and blue glass walled high rise building

A Los Angeles, California native, Bill Asher is a graduate of both the University of Southern California and Dartmouth College and holds an MBA and a BA in political science. Bill Asher is an experienced businessman and entrepreneur and owned several restaurants in his career and is interested in investing in commercial real estate.

Commercial real estate is an investment opportunity that most investors search for as an alternative to stocks or bonds as it can provide higher returns than them. It can provide consistent cash flow and current income and the regular income is higher than what the stocks and bonds provide through dividends. The commercial real estate market is also more stable and brings with it tax benefits. One tax benefit that is available for this type of investment is depreciation.

Since real estate is a physical asset, its condition decreases over time which can enable an investor to receive some capital each year due to its degradation. This can help an investor save a lot of money, and have the taxable income reduced.

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