About Bill Asher of Vivid

Mr. Asher has utilized his education, which includes a B.A. in Political Science from Dartmouth and an MBS from USC, and significant professional experiences to become a successful entrepreneur.

Having served as a high-level executive at Playboy Entertainment Group, Mr. Asher oversaw the successful expansion of Playboy’s cable and satellite networks across the United States, Europe, and Latin America. Upon leaving Playboy, Mr. Asher founded his own company, Califa Entertainment Group. He forged a partnership with content producer Steve Hirsch to launch new channels. These channels provided hardcore adult content that was not offered on other adult networks. Bill Asher led Califa to secure lucrative partnerships with major cable providers including DIRECTV, Time Warner, and AT&T. He eventually sold his successful networks to Playboy. The sale had Playboy paying Mr. Asher in excess of $100 million.

Bill Asher went onto serve as owner/operator of Vivid Entertainment, a Los Angeles-based adult entertainment company with operations spanning Internet, television, and radio media. Bill Asher provides oversight for all areas of corporate operations at Vivid, including financial matters. He has spearheaded partnerships with innovative entertainment, in addition to successfully expanding Vivid’s brand to new audiences in Canada and Europe.

Today, beyond his work at Vivid Entertainment, he has branched out to pursue opportunities in commercial real estate and emerging sectors such as virtual reality and fantasy sports. Mr. Asher also has success in the nightlight and restaurant industry, opening up popular establishments across the country.

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