Different Industries Adopt Virtual Reality

A California resident, Bill Asher is a graduate of the University of Southern California and Dartmouth College and owned several companies in his career. Bill Asher is experienced in commercial real estate investments and is interested in investing in virtual reality.

Virtual reality has been adopted by most industries throughout the world, one of which is the automotive industry. Virtual reality can be used in the automotive industry in the manufacturing process, with companies such as BMW and Jaguar already using VR to create and review car designs and engineering pieces.

VR enables companies in the automotive industry to avoid wasting time on prototype cars and extra parts to detect flaws in a design and build the car better. It can help them cut some costs and have some money.

VR is also expanding to the healthcare sector, with healthcare professionals using VR to prepare themselves for procedures and operations on patients. It is also used to treat people with mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

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How to Attract the Best Staff for a Bar

Bill Asher is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur whose experience has enabled him to oversee the establishment of various companies across different niches. The founder of Lucid Entertainment, Bill Asher is an MBA graduate from the University of Southern California. He has experience in the entertainment industry managing the operation of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.

A successful bar depends on a quality staff hired to manage the daily business. It is not easy to find the best staff for a bar, as there are many candidates out there who possess varied qualifications.

Identifying the right staff involves approaching professional recruiters who deal with hospitality staff. This is more effective than posting a general advert that will attract lots of unqualified people. Having a good business reputation is a big plus when looking for bar staff. Mediocre employees shy away from applying to reputable establishments with a high standard of professionalism and work ethic.

Constantly attracting substandard employees could that signify a bar doesn’t offer an excellent work environment that is attractive to top performers. Approaching bartending schools is one excellent strategy for identifying quality staff. These schools are often willing to help find work for their students, who are typically trained in various bar-related matters, such as cocktail recipes and opening and closing procedures.