An Introduction to Residential Property

Residential Property

With business experience spanning 20 years, Bill Asher has been successful in many of his professional endeavors. His foray into the real estate world has also brought the Los Angeles-based entrepreneur sufficient gains. For instance, Bill Asher purchased a home in Hancock Park for $4 million and sold it for $5.75 million.

Residential property is land that has been developed to serve as a home for people. It includes condominiums, family houses, and townhomes. However, properties that contain apartments rented out in order to generate income do not fall into this category; a place like that is referred to as commercial property. As such, hotels and campgrounds are also considered commercial property. Residential real estate is the most usual form of real estate.

Zoning laws regulate residential real estate. In certain areas, the law prohibits these kinds of properties from being used to make money. Legal restrictions can also limit the number of buildings on a block.

Residential property is regarded as the most significant investment an individual can own, although the value of these lands is determined by changes in the real estate market. Those buying their first home typically take out a mortgage issued by a bank as a down payment for the purchase of a residential building. The rates of these deposits are flexible.

3 Common Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

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Based in California, Bill Asher is a business executive with past roles as president of both the Playboy Entertainment Group and Califa Entertainment Group. Over the course of his 25-year career as a business leader, Bill Asher has developed as an entrepreneur, opening 25 companies spanning a wide range of industries.

While the idea of working for oneself is a popular professional ambition today, the work of an entrepreneur is not easy. To be a successful entrepreneur often requires certain personal characteristics and traits, including the three listed below.

1. Confidence. Successful entrepreneurs are so busy staying focused on moving toward their goals that they don’t have time for self-doubt. Confidence allows an entrepreneur to remain optimistic without ignoring problems, tackling difficulties efficiently as they arise. Successful entrepreneurs believe in their vision and know that they will one day be successful.

2. Humility. Entrepreneurs who achieve their goals know that they can’t do so alone. The most talented of these professionals stay humble while building his or her company and never fails to listen to what others have to say. Modesty also allows an entrepreneur to learn from others who have experienced more success or have greater talents without becoming intimidated.

3. Adaptability. Above all, successful entrepreneurs are resilient in the face of setbacks. They see failure as a learning opportunity instead of a dream-ending experience and do not let their mistakes define them.

Shining the Spotlight on American Junkie in Scottsdale


Baja Junkie – Food, Drink, and Entertainment in Cabo San Lucas


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Baja Junkie

As the co-founder of Lucid Entertainment, Bill Asher oversees the development of boutique restaurants and bars designed to provide guests with a unique experience. Bill Asher guides a company that includes brands such as Baja Junkie.

Conceived as a sister restaurant to American Junkie, Baja Junkie has been offering entertainment and quality food and drink to visitors since 2009. Situated in the Boulevard Marina in downtown Cabo San Lucas, it features an aesthetic that complements the Cabo atmosphere.

Popular with tourists as well as locals, Baja Junkie offers indoor and patio dining. Multiple televisions broadcast global sporting events and popular music videos, while a service-oriented staff stands ready to meet patrons’ needs. Baja Junkie has also developed a celebrity following.

The venue features a DJ booth, uniquely situated above the crowd. Next to the booth, a full drum set awaits live performers. VIP seating is available for special events and includes free tickets with bottle service.