Successful Entrepreneurs Who Overcame Failure in Business

Entrepreneur Bill Asher is the co-owner of Vivid Entertainment. A leading authority in the entertainment industry, Bill Asher took content to the masses through partnerships with cable television networks, achieving significant success as a business person. Like many entrepreneurs, he has also experienced failed ventures, such as his attempt to introduce an uncensored music television… Continue reading Successful Entrepreneurs Who Overcame Failure in Business

Choosing a Location for a Nightclub

Decades of senior leadership with Playboy, Vivid, and Califa Entertainment have given Bill Asher tools that few possess to create and run a business venture. Bill Asher is still the co-chairman of Vivid entertainment and his newest venture, Lucid Entertainment, works in the restaurant and nightclub development space. One of the biggest challenges to starting… Continue reading Choosing a Location for a Nightclub

How to Attract the Best Staff for a Bar

Bill Asher is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur whose experience has enabled him to oversee the establishment of various companies across different niches. The founder of Lucid Entertainment, Bill Asher is an MBA graduate from the University of Southern California. He has experience in the entertainment industry managing the operation of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. A… Continue reading How to Attract the Best Staff for a Bar

An Introduction to Residential Property

With business experience spanning 20 years, Bill Asher has been successful in many of his professional endeavors. His foray into the real estate world has also brought the Los Angeles-based entrepreneur sufficient gains. For instance, Bill Asher purchased a home in Hancock Park for $4 million and sold it for $5.75 million. Residential property is… Continue reading An Introduction to Residential Property