Vivid Entertainment Recruits Amber Portwood, Star of “Teen Mom”


Amber Portwood pic
Amber Portwood

The recipient of a Master of Business Administration from the University of Southern California, Bill Asher serves as the Co-Chairman and Co-Owner of Vivid Entertainment, a prominent adult entertainment enterprise. Under Bill Asher’s leadership, Vivid has purchased and released sex tapes of high-profile celebrities such as Tila Tequila, Pamela Anderson, and Kim Kardashian.

One of the more recent celebrities to engage in talks about a potential sex tape with Vivid is Amber Portwood. The “Teen Mom” star was critical of fellow reality star Farrah Abraham, who signed a contract with Vivid, but recently followed in her footsteps by announcing she had also signed a deal with the adult entertainment company. With the goal of providing for her daughter, Portwood stated that she was only going to do one film and that it would be with her fiance, Matt Baier.

This past year, Portwood called off her engagement with Baier, which led to speculation that she wouldn’t follow through with her venture into the adult entertainment business. However, recent reports suggest the couple may not have actually broken up and might still star in a film together. Vivid’s Co-Chairman Steve Hirsch responded to those reports by stating that the company is still interested in making a film with Portwood “with or without Matt.”