Vivid Entertainment Pursues High-Profile Celebrities for Sex Tapes


Vivid Entertainment pic
Vivid Entertainment

With industry experience spanning more than two decades, Bill Asher serves as Co-chairman and Co-owner of Vivid Entertainment, LLC. Over the years, Bill Asher has generated significant consumer interest in his company’s adult product through pioneering sex tapes featuring celebrities, including Kim Kardashian and Chyna.

Vivid has continued to stay at the forefront of this lucrative market niche over the years and has developed innovative offerings such as a virtual reality version of the Kim Kardashian tape. As reported in TMZ, Vivid has made high profile offers to potential celebrity actors with assets that it feels will attract widespread viewer interest and benefit the bottom line.

Golden State Warriors athlete Draymond Green recently received a six figure offer from the company to appear in a potential movie entitled Drayzilla. This offer came after Green accidentally posted a nude pictured of himself on Snapchat, revealing assets that Vivid executives felt would make him ideal for a high-quality porn production.

Also in early 2017, US Magazine reported that the star of Teen Mom OG Amber Portwood had received an $85,000 offer from Vivid, plus 35 percent of net revenues, for participation in a porn movie shoot. At the time of the offer, the 26-year-old Portwood and her fiancé Matt Baier described themselves as actively considering the film and impressed by the professionalism involved.