Vivid Entertainment Recruits Amber Portwood, Star of “Teen Mom”


Amber Portwood pic
Amber Portwood

The recipient of a Master of Business Administration from the University of Southern California, Bill Asher serves as the Co-Chairman and Co-Owner of Vivid Entertainment, a prominent adult entertainment enterprise. Under Bill Asher’s leadership, Vivid has purchased and released sex tapes of high-profile celebrities such as Tila Tequila, Pamela Anderson, and Kim Kardashian.

One of the more recent celebrities to engage in talks about a potential sex tape with Vivid is Amber Portwood. The “Teen Mom” star was critical of fellow reality star Farrah Abraham, who signed a contract with Vivid, but recently followed in her footsteps by announcing she had also signed a deal with the adult entertainment company. With the goal of providing for her daughter, Portwood stated that she was only going to do one film and that it would be with her fiance, Matt Baier.

This past year, Portwood called off her engagement with Baier, which led to speculation that she wouldn’t follow through with her venture into the adult entertainment business. However, recent reports suggest the couple may not have actually broken up and might still star in a film together. Vivid’s Co-Chairman Steve Hirsch responded to those reports by stating that the company is still interested in making a film with Portwood “with or without Matt.”

Vivid Entertainment’s Superhero Porn Parodies


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Superhero Porn Parodies

A graduate of both Dartmouth College and the University of Southern California, Bill Asher is an experienced businessman and entrepreneur who serves as the Co-Chairman and Co-Owner of Vivid Entertainment. In addition to celebrity sex tapes and numerous other adult-entertainment-related projects, Bill Asher’s Vivid Entertainment has produced a variety of superhero pornography parodies.

One of the company’s first superhero-related projects was Batman XXX: A Porn Parody, which used the 1960s-era TV show as the backdrop for its scenes. The film brought plenty of mainstream attention to Vivid as its clean trailer received over 150,000 views on YouTube within 24 hours after it was uploaded. The success of the project led the company to develop Vivid-Superhero as a subsidiary of Vivid Entertainment that is dedicated to producing pornographic films based on comic book superheroes.

Since the creation of Vivid-Superhero in 2010, the company has made films such as Superman vs. Spider-Man XXX, The Dark Knight XXX, Man of Steel XXX, and She-Hulk XXX, among others. Directed by Axel Braun, the films have been successful due in part to the importance placed on the production values; for Batman XXX: A Porn Parody, the company hired the costume designers of the original TV show to re-create the outfits.

Vivid Entertainment Pursues High-Profile Celebrities for Sex Tapes


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Vivid Entertainment

With industry experience spanning more than two decades, Bill Asher serves as Co-chairman and Co-owner of Vivid Entertainment, LLC. Over the years, Bill Asher has generated significant consumer interest in his company’s adult product through pioneering sex tapes featuring celebrities, including Kim Kardashian and Chyna.

Vivid has continued to stay at the forefront of this lucrative market niche over the years and has developed innovative offerings such as a virtual reality version of the Kim Kardashian tape. As reported in TMZ, Vivid has made high profile offers to potential celebrity actors with assets that it feels will attract widespread viewer interest and benefit the bottom line.

Golden State Warriors athlete Draymond Green recently received a six figure offer from the company to appear in a potential movie entitled Drayzilla. This offer came after Green accidentally posted a nude pictured of himself on Snapchat, revealing assets that Vivid executives felt would make him ideal for a high-quality porn production.

Also in early 2017, US Magazine reported that the star of Teen Mom OG Amber Portwood had received an $85,000 offer from Vivid, plus 35 percent of net revenues, for participation in a porn movie shoot. At the time of the offer, the 26-year-old Portwood and her fiancé Matt Baier described themselves as actively considering the film and impressed by the professionalism involved.

Vivid Entertainment Celebrates Ten Years of Its Most Popular Film

Vivid Entertainment pic
Vivid Entertainment

Entrepreneur Bill Asher has successfully launched more than two dozen businesses throughout his varied career. As the Co-chairman and Co-owner of Vivid Entertainment, Bill Asher oversees all corporate aspects of the leading adult entertainment company. Vivid owns and distributes many of the most popular adult films of all time, including the viral sensation featuring Kim Kardashian.

Leading websites recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary of one of the most-watched adult films of all time. Titled “Kim Kardashian, Superstar,” this 41-minute homemade film launched Kim Kardashian into stardom and paved the way for her family to become the pop culture icons they are today.

Prior to the leaking and subsequent distribution of the adult film, Kim Kardashian was known only as the daughter of O.J. Simpson attorney Robert Kardashian and friend of socialite Paris Hilton. Miss Hilton is also the star of a film now owned by Vivid Entertainment.

Kim Kardashian, Superstar depicts Kardashian sharing intimate moments with Ray J, brother of singer Brandy and a rap star in his own right. It was leaked in 2007 and has been viewed upwards of 93 million times. Vivid leadership reports that it is their top-grossing film of all time, and many leading adult-entertainment websites say that the video is the most popular among their users.