The Launch of VividTV Europe


VividTV Europe pic
VividTV Europe

Co-chairman and Co-owner of Vivid Entertainment in Los Angeles, California, Bill Asher has been in the entertainment industry for more than 25 years and currently oversees the daily corporate activities of the company. Bill Asher is also personally involved in launching VividTV Europe.

VividTV Europe is a 24/7 adult content channel that is helping to expand the VividTV brand in the European market along with complimenting the company’s existing video on demand service in Europe. VividTV Europe is tailored to European television viewers, combining European values with current Vivid celebrities.

VividTV Europe is partnering with a number of European distributors, including the M7 group, which has launched the service via its satellite feed. The service is also available on European pay TV platforms like Skylink, Austriasat, and CanalDigitaal.